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Crossroads Media Group is built on the philosophy of partnership. Our partner-client relationship

recognizes that they don’t need order-takers or yes-men. They need comprehensive marketing and production 

expertise that will ensure in building the kind of relationship where we can honestly assess the problem and present

the best solution.


"Crossroads Media Group is a place that not only creates great work for its clients, but also has a culture that inspires creativity and innovation, which is extremely important to us. We saw an opportunity to create something very special for our fellow business owners. When people walk into our facility we blow them away with our creative attmosphere and solutions for their business or organization. We are passionate about businesses and organizations

that grow both large and small when they use video as a marketing and communications tool," says Trozzolo.


Crossroads Media Group was established in 2008. The 12,000 sq. foot facility is convieniently located in the

Crossroads Arts District in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  

It's within walking and biking distance from both the best Bar-B-Q restaurant in town, Union Station's Science City,

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz & Blues District.



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